Stella, My Comic Relief

I love animals.  I spoil the ones that live in my home and they are an endless source of love and humor, sometimes frustration.  I grew up with dogs and since I have been an adult I have always had a pet of some sort.  Years ago I was much more rigid in my rules with the animals in the house.  For example, they were not allowed on the furniture or beds.  Ever.  Time has gone by and I am much less rigid.  I am not sure what the change is or how it happened but I think it is Stella.


This is Stella on the left.  She is one of the two dogs in our family.  Both of our dogs were rescue animals.

The first dog we brought home was Maverick.

1391016_10207385390259991_1654067659_oMaverick is a very calm and cool dog.  He is the grumpy old man in the house.  He loves us but he resents the fact that he has to depend on anyone for anything.  He is very loving, in his way. He was just over a year old when we brought him home.  We got Stella about two years after Maverick.  A friend of my daughter’s was getting rid of her and my daughter did not want her to go to the shelter.  Maverick thought it was great…at first.  Until he realized she was staying.  Now he is just resigned to the fact that she lives here.

Stella is the funniest dog I have ever encountered.  I have been wrestling with how to explain Stella in words.  I do not think that I have the ability to express how this dog has impacted my life.  She ate my couch cushion…twice.  She was nice enough to pop the zipper open on the cushion so she could eat the cushion without ripping the upholstery, which is, I think, very thoughtful of her.  A couple of years ago, I would have lost it if my dog ate my couch, now I just feel like, it’s a couch, who cares.  Not that I want her to eat my couch or anything else she isn’t supposed to, I just realize it really isn’t that important.  She adds an interesting and super charged layer to our house.  She is hilarious and she knows it.

Stella will lay on her back and kick her feet making whining and barking noises.  I don’t think there is any particular reason she does this, I think it just makes her happy.  We are her third home.  I understand why other people couldn’t handle her energy level, I wasn’t sure that I could either, but she is a very good fit for our family.  Stella wants to talk, she gets very frustrated that she can’t get the words out, so she makes a lot of noise.  Stella may be the first talking dog.  She is very determined to tell us what she thinks.  Maybe we should change her name to Lucy after the first communicating chimp, to give her something to work toward.

She gets so excited playing with toys, if you add sound effects she can barely contain herself. If I am in a bad mood or not feeling very happy, Stella will somehow always make me laugh.  Before this point in my life, I do not think I would have had the patience or understanding to have Stella be a member of our family.  Now I truly enjoy this crazy, hyper dog.  I am thankful she came along when she did.  I didn’t realize we had a hole in our family that needed filling until she came and filled it.  She is my comic relief, I need that in my life now.  It really puts my grouchy days or small problems in their place when she looks at me with that stinker look in her eye and I know she is going to have an episode.  That is what we call her outbursts of crazy energy. Her episodes.

This getting older thing has really made me more tolerant.  Stella would have had to find a fourth home if she had come here even three years ago.  I think of all of the hilariousness I would have missed and the love that she gives and I am grateful she is here.  Crazy and all.

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