Coffee has been around a long time.  I didn’t start drinking coffee until I was around 19.  My husband drank it and we would spend hours at coffee shops just drinking coffee and talking with our friends.  Those were good times and the beginning of a beautiful relationship with coffee.  Coffee helps me wake up and start my day.   I literally talk to my coffee in the morning, usually something like “sweet nectar” or “you smell so good”.  The only problem I see with my coffee addiction is that sometimes it is really hard to get a good cup of coffee when I’m not home. Lots of people and restaurants do not have any idea what good coffee is or how to make it.

After my husband and I got married one of the gifts his parents gave us for Christmas was a coffeemaker that brews coffee in three minutes.  It literally made me happy every time I saw it.  Over the years we have gone through about five of these coffeemakers.  We brew ALOT of coffee. Coffee has been a family tradition in my husbands family.  Everyone drinks it.  I don’t know how old my husband was when he started drinking it, but it was young.  By the time I came into the picture, coffee was just a way of life. His family drank coffee before it was cool.  They were so ahead of their time!

One of the beautiful things about coffee is that it encourages conversation.  Some of the best times I have had in my life have included coffee.  Many people that come to visit our home aren’t big coffee drinkers, but they know they are going to drink it at our house.  That is the thing about coffee, it is inclusive.  Plus no hangover!  Yes, you may end up with the shakes or coffee gut as we call it, but once you eat something, you are fine.

Over the years coffee has become a very popular drink.  The flavored coffees and the fancy, brand name coffees.  It is very complicated to order a cup of coffee now.  It used to be easy.  You would say, a cup of coffee please.  Now, it is much more complicated.  I feel completely out of it when I go into a coffee shop and there are coffees I don’t even know what they are.  I’m all for trying new things, so I’m happy that more people are enjoying coffee but it has become quite a complicated situation.  I don’t understand how people know all of these coffee terms.  Where did they learn about these new coffees?  It is quite an amazing quantity of different brews, with whip, without whip, half caff, flavors, etc., it is quite amazing. But it is all a bit over my head, so being me, I will just keep drinking my regular coffee.

There is nothing quite like getting up in the morning and smelling that wonderful smell.  In this journey of changing my life and getting healthier, I will always drink coffee.  News reports go back and forth about the health benefits or detriments to coffee.  They are entitled to their opinions and facts.  I will always drink java and enjoy the many unscientific benefits it has.

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