From Running to Walking

When my children were younger, I spent all of my time playing catch up. Both of my girls were in three sports a year, so nearly every day was filled with obligations. Every night was running to practices, sporting events or meetings then home.  On nights that there were games, we wouldn’t get home until after nine at night.  I would be rushing around trying to make a decent dinner and not just sandwiches or cereal again. I was trying to keep ahead of laundry, cleaning and other obligations.  It just seems like that time flew by and I didn’t get to enjoy it the way I should have.

I wouldn’t trade that time for anything, if I were a better organized person then it probably would have helped with the chaos.  But we all have our crosses to bear and I will never be as organized as I need to be.  Back when the girls were in school lack of organization made everything more complicated. Finding shoes, socks, deciding what to make for dinner, last minute trips to the store for things we needed or just deciding to eat out instead of trying to make dinner.  The list is endless.  It was really crazy.  Now that both of my kids are graduated and moving on in their lives, and I have time to slow down.

I can go walking with my husband.  It seems like a pretty simple thing to do but there was never enough time before to just go for a simple, quiet walk.  I also wasn’t geared toward a nice, calming walk.  My brain was always telling me what I needed to be doing instead of just being in the moment.  My brain is like a kid who is on a sugar high that never ends. It jumps from one job I need to do, to the next job I need to do. I was constantly trying to stay ahead of my obligations and lists of things to do but always falling behind. My brain still tries to do that to me, but I’m learning that it doesn’t matter if my closet is perfectly organized or that my kitchen cupboards need cleaning out.  The list of things that needs doing will be waiting for me after I’m done walking.  It’s not going anywhere. Walking, Striding, Man, Black, Symbol

Walking with my husband, recharges my inner peace.  We can talk and laugh and just enjoy being outdoors and looking at the scenery.  I enjoy spending time with him walking.  Many years we barely had time to spend five minutes talking about what we did that day or what needed to be done for the next day.  It allows us to reconnect as a couple and build a new relationship for the future.  So far it has been fun.  Walking is such a simple activity but it has really brought an extra layer of happiness to this new healthier life over 40.  I love the contrast of how we were running around for years and now we are going slow and walking, enjoying.  It really does explain my new outlook on life.  I am thankful for all the things I am learning about this life.  So I will walk on and see what’s next.

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