Mumus and Yoga Pants

It is a pretty big milestone, getting to 40 and over.  I’m proud of myself for making it this far.  Not that I really had much to do with it, lucky I guess.  A big issue for me is what is appropriate for someone my age?  Have you been in a department store lately?  It’s depressing.  It is either skin tight jeans with holes, skin tight jeans without holes or blingy, bedazzled jeans.  I am not going to wear skin tight jeans.  In the first place, are you kidding? In the second place no one wants to see that!  I am a jeans and shirt or sweatshirt type of woman.  I prefer to just be casual, but it is almost impossible to find jeans that aren’t full of blingy bedazzling.  I don’t want glitter and bling on my butt.  I don’t like that is snags my furniture and scratches the leather seats in my car.  (Say that in a get off my lawn tone of voice.)

Image result for house dressWorking out has changed the way that my clothes fit.  It’s wonderful really but it freaks me out too.  I am finally starting to understand why my grandma wore her mumus.  The comfort level is a beautiful thing.  Not only that, think of waking up in the morning having 5 or so of these chill dresses.  Pick one, easy peasy.  Yoga pants are essentially the same thing.  You can wear them anywhere, with anything.  Yoga pants are just modern day mumus.  The problem with yoga pants is the fact that they hide nothing!  Clothes shouldn’t just cover you, they should cover your imperfections.  Which is why I say, you shouldn’t screw with something that worked. There is a reason mumus have been around so long!  You can literally wear mumus anywhere, with anything.  Work, shopping, etc.  They also are nice and cool for when I have those hot flashes.

I don’t know what my husband and kids will think of my new mumu phase but I’m sure they will adjust.

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