Oh, the injuries!!

Being over 40 and working out has its challenges.  One of those challenges is getting in good enough shape to actually get in shape.  I love to learn things the hard way.  Not really.  It just always seems to work out that way.  I have not done any real exercise since I was in junior high.  That’s right.  Junior high!!!  I don’t know how I have done such a good job of avoiding it but here I am.

Image result for injuriesSince I have started to “get healthy”, I have injured my hip, knee, ankle, toe and shoulder.  Did I stretch, sometimes.  Did I overdo it, of course I did.  I want to hurry up and get on with the feeling better and being healthy. I am not the type of person who is patient.  I’m over 40 for goodness sakes, I gotta get going on this.  I love to run, but so far running has not loved me.  Despite injuries, I am going to keep on, keeping on. Until I break a hip or actually can run further than to the mailbox.

I never understood people working out and loving it.  For the first time in my life, I am discovering what that means.  Injuries or not, I am going to keep going to the gym, lifting weights, jogging and running.  I am going to try to do my first 5K in August.  That is my goal, to do the whole thing without walking.  Hopefully I have run out of leg to injure.  I’m kidding, of course I haven’t run out of leg to injure.  I have learned a little patience and that stretching is important.  Seriously, stretching is important.  Take it from someone who loves to learn the hard way.

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